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IX-Australia Update


Our technical manager Joe Wooller has been very busy performing a number of hardware upgrades across the IX infrastructure to provision for the growth pattern that we are experiencing within the networks.

Joe Wooller says “The provisioning of SA-IX has had its small challenges as all IX deployments have, but the contribution and local support has allowed IX-Australia continue to gather momentum”.

There have been a number of new peers coming online at each IX over the last quarter adding value to current participant’s connectivity and increased data volumes. Joe Wooller is always ahead of the game by forecasting future hardware requirements for each IX. This is an important recipe to our success, as each network peering point has to meet the performance conditions necessary to maintain optimal operation. The WA-IX network has recently had new switching equipment installed to allow expansion of the fibre network capacity. VIC-IX and QLD-IX both have a number of major connection points and equipment upgrades. All three locations can now meet future demand as proactive network upgrades are continually being planned and commissioned.


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