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May’s Advocacy Corner Update


Given the recent federal election, IAA’s policy team has largely worked on publications related to the election in May. We published our 2022 IAA Election Wish List, outlining the policies we would like to see adopted by the political parties. We also released our 2022 Election – Policy Assessment evaluating the policy platform of the major political parties in comparison to our Election Wish List. 

Unrelated to the election, we also released a Customer Identity Authentication whitepaper to provide information and guidance on the new ACMA rules and steps that members will need to implement in order to ensure compliance with the new rules by 30 June 2022. We hope you find this guide useful. 

5 Year Independent Review | Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
In our submission to the Independent Review, we raised the concerns of industry, particularly relating to the inherent issues in the TIO’s complaints handling structure and costs model. We noted that this inherently affects the ability of the TIO to meet industry benchmarks. 

Statutory Review | Department of Treasury
We primarily focused on the need to ensure that the costs to industry are being properly considered and that there is a commitment to ensuring rules will realise actual benefits for consumers. 

Industry Guidance on the Carrier Separation Rules | ACCC
In our response, we raised attention to obligations not specified directly in the rules but contained in the written notice to avoid any confusion.  



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