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Convergent 2024

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What is Convergent?

Convergent is IAA’s first annual hybrid conference that will run from March to November.

We like to do things a little differently to maximize the benefits for our members, so our conference won’t run like the average, conventional one or two-day conference. Instead, the conference will be a series of events spread out through 2024 comprising both online and in-person events in each state.

Sound different? It really is! We’re currently in the final stages of locking in speakers and venues. Subscribe below to receive personalised invitations for each event, or stay tuned on our social media channels and Events Page for updates.

Network, learn, grow


Join the in-person events in your state to get to you know other peers and like-minded individuals.
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Hear from leading industry experts as they explore a variety of topics throughout 2023.


Expand your knowledge and peer network through our series of in-person and online events.

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