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IAA operates Australia’s largest not-for-profit, carrier-neutral peering exchanges. When you choose to peer on our network, you join a community of other like-minded organisations that want to be part of a more equitable interconnection.

What is Peering?

Peering is all about making connections and improving throughput on neutral ground between as many IP networks as possible. It’s a form of connectivity that enables networks to physically connect at an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) and exchange traffic.

Peering offers many benefits, including latency reduction, backhaul optimisation, and improved efficiency with the added benefit of lowering connectivity costs.

Designed to flatten the hierarchy of Internet connectivity, peering makes for a more open and equitable Internet.

Our Network

The Internet Exchanges IAA hosts operate across more than 30 data centres nationally, with IXPs located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

We colocate our equipment in data centres to offer port speeds of 10Gbps, 40Gbps, and 100Gbps as on-ramps to our network.

3-month Free Trial

All first ports per paid exchange begin with a FREE 3-month trial period.


Peering Features & Benefits

Lower Connectivity Costs

Peering lowers the cost of bandwidth and IP services by mutually exchanging Internet traffic with other local peers.

Faster Access

Members can choose from a range of Ethernet access rates of 10Gbps, 40Gbps or 100Gbps to suit their needs. Speeds are also comparably faster due to direct routing and optimising backhaul demands by keeping traffic local.

Improved Efficiency

During network disruptions, IXPs offer redundancy, ensuring that traffic is routed through the most direct path. Network operators can balance their traffic between different paths to optimise cost and performance.

Peering Locations








Peering Pricing

As all peers must be a member of the Internet Association of Australia, you will be directed to the IAA signup page when selecting a plan.

All first ports per paid exchange begin with a FREE 3-month trial period.

Virtual Peering

What is Virtual Peering?

Virtual peering is a service for those who want to resell the IX peering service* – a quick and easy on-ramp to our the IAA peering network. This is an ideal service for Retail Service Providers (RSPs) with an existing port so you can share all the benefits of peering with more Internet users nationally.

*Resellers are responsible for the physical path / layer 2 toward the end customer from the IAA service port.

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