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Supporting Women in the Internet Industry Overview

The IAASysters program started in 2021 after years of noticing consistent low participation rates of certain sectors in our industry, and we wanted to do something about it!

Whilst participation in the program is open to all; it aims to encourage and support women in the Internet industry. We achieve this by offering ten sponsored attendees the opportunity to attend the IAASysters Workshop, a one-day workshop that provides expert career advice and helps build important soft skills that support career advancement and attend the two-day AusNOG Conference to ensure attendees receive relevant technical training and networking opportunities.

If your organisation would like to support this incredible program, sponsorship opportunities are still available.


This Program Enables


Making industry events more accessible to women to help improve female participation.

Career Advancement

Guiding women in various stages of their careers in the Internet industry through planning and professional advice.


Providing opportunities to enhance technical and interpersonal skills and knowledge and opportunities for career advancement.

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