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Services Virtual Leased Line

As a peer on our network, you have the option to establish a dedicated high-speed, point-to-point connection across our national network with other peers, or your own network. This is called a Virtual Leased Line (VLL).

This service enables you to connect to other members and content providers or simply connect your peering ports directly across our network fabric.

How does a Virtual Leased Line work?

VLL provides the means to communicate privately using a scalable and high-speed data network between other IX peers over a single physical provisioned Ethernet Interface of 10Gbps or higher.

When you connect with a 10Gbps connection, 5Gbps is reserved for your peering traffic, allowing you to build five free scalable point-to-point networks in a single state, capped at half of your port speed. Using our iVLL service, you can establish point-to-point connections across Australia, leveraging our national backbone network. 

Your first 5 VLLs are FREE of charge for your first port on each exchange. Any additional  VLL within the exchange is charged at $99/month.

VLL Features & Benefits

National Coverage

You can connect to other peers on our network right across Australia.


With no lock-in contract, you can scale your usage up or down according to your business needs.

Redundant by Nature

Provides better network stability and uptime, particularly during disrupts.

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