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Services Virtual Leased Line

As a peer on our network, you have the option to establish a dedicated high-speed, point-to-point connection across our network with other peers, content providers or your own network. This connection called a Virtual Leased Line (VLL). IAA offers both local VLL connections and inter-capital connections (iVLLs).

IAA’s VLL service is:

  • Scalable – allowing you to increase or decrease bandwidth as needed.
  • Cost effective – utilising our existing network infrastructure to eliminate the need for costly traditional leased lines.
  • Flexible – enabling you to quickly connect across local or national exchange points.

How does a Virtual Leased Line work?
VLL provides the means to communicate privately using a scalable and high-speed data network between other IX peers over a single physical provisioned Ethernet Interface of 10Gbps or higher, with 50% of your port speed reserved for your peering traffic.

A VLL allows for efficient data exchange, improved network performance and better control of your traffic flow. An example of the VLL advantage might be to ensure a high-quality, efficient and reliable content streaming experience for end users.

IAA local VLL service
For IAA Members your first five VLLs are FREE  for your first port on each local exchange. Any additional VLLs with in the exchange are charged at $99 per month.


iVLL (inter-capital connections)

IAA Members can also establish inter-capital point to point connections across our national exchange network.


Here are our latest unit prices across all inter-capital connections:


iVLL calculator

Use our handy calculator tool below to estimate the total service price per month for your iVLL connection.

Calculator Calculate the price of this service

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