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NBN Co Special Access Undertaking (SAU) 


August’s Advocacy Corner Update

IAA is participating in the working group that is developing the Building Block Model (BBM) underpinning the financials for the review of NBN Co’s standard access undertaking (SAU). This process will see us working collectively with the ACCC, NBN Co, RSPs and the Department of Communications to discuss and consider a revised BBM which accounts for accumulated losses, investments and ongoing expenditure. We have also been involved in the working group associated with developing the overall regulatory framework for the SAU.

Last month, we submitted a response to NBN Co’s SAU Variation discussion paper, in which we supported the concept of a flat-pricing model while opposing the idea of price control through embedded annual price rises. We supported NBN Co’s inclusion of the multi-technology mix (ie HFC and FTTN) within the SAU and recommended that NBN Co should think about how information on service standards for various technologies could be made available to RSPs.


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