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Open Submissions


September’s Advocacy Corner Update

Submissions that may be of interest to members include:

Review of Criminal Code Amendment (Sharing of Violent Abhorrent Violent Material) (AVM) Act 2019 | 15 October 2021 

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement is enquiring into the effectivity of the AVM Act 2019, which was passed following the Christchurch terrorist attack. The AVM Act enforces that internet, hosting or content services proactively need to communicate to law enforcement that abhorrent violent material is accessible on their networks and work to ensure it is inaccessible in Australia. This inquiry will specifically focus on whether the AVM Act has helped reduce the misuse of online platforms, whether the powers given to the eSafety Commissioner and the federal police are appropriate and consider the definition of ‘violent abhorrent material.’ 

Telstra Migration Plan | 21 October 2021 

Telstra submitted a proposed variation to the ACCC adjusting the plan for the shutdown of legacy copper services occurring as part of the migration to NBN. Changes include amendments to the management disconnection arrangements in unit common areas, to differentiate between private and public payphones, to expand Telstra’s authority for reconnecting copper or hybrid fibre coaxial services if required and to extend for managed disconnections for premises not serviceable by NBN yet. After submissions close, the ACCC will make a decision on the proposed changes offered by Telstra.   

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