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Open Submissions – June


National Data Security Action Plan | Department of Home Affairs | 10 June 2022
The Department of Home Affairs is calling for submissions for the development of the National Data Security Action Plan. They seek to explore with industry and state and territory governments how Government and industry can meet data security expectations, how responsibilities can be best assigned to keep Australians’ data safe, and how Government, businesses and individuals can share responsibility for data security in the future to get the best outcome for everyone.

NBN Co. SAU Variation | ACCC | 8 July 2022
The ACCC is seeking submissions to its report on NBN Co.’s SAU Variation. The proposed variation from NBN Co includes product and pricing commitments, changing the framework for NBN Co’s cost recovery, and incorporating fibre-to-the-node and other copper-based technologies to create a single regulatory framework for all technologies.


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