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Public Policy Advisory Panel Meeting


The newly formed IAA Public Policy Advisory Panel (PPAP) had its first meeting on 14 April 2022. After an initial round robin, the panel began road-mapping future goals and plans for IAA’s advocacy team, discussed IAA’s draft Public Policy Principles and 2022 Election Wish List, and outlined upcoming consultations IAA will be involved in. It was a great opportunity to meet the panel members, and the IAA advocacy team greatly benefited from the panel’s insights coming from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.  

The IAA Public Policy Principles are a set of guiding principles that reflect IAA’s values and will shape the work and responses of IAA’s advocacy team. The 2022 Election Wish List will be taken to political representatives in the lead up to the upcoming federal election to share our thoughts on the issues that permeate the sector. Both documents have been revised following the meeting and are awaiting the board’s approval.  

The Advisory Panel will meet quarterly and discuss issues facing our members and the internet sector of Australia more broadly and will assist IAA’s advocacy work in the sector. We look forward to continuing to work with the Advisory Panel and once again express our gratitude for their time and effort. 


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