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Building an ISP on a Budget


As Melbourne emerges from lockdown, we are continuing our online event series, this time looking at building an ISP on a budget.

Life Under Lockdown: Roll your own ISP, how to build a scalable, reliable ISP from low cost components will take you on a journey from start up to successful service provider.

IAA Board member Matthew Enger runs X Integration, an ISP that he started and has grown from a few hundred customers to thousands. Join Matthew as he talks us through obtaining and repurposing the parts, operating and scaling his network, and the gotchas he has seen along the way. From dDoS to regulation, this will be a useful and entertaining “how to” for everyone in the industry.

Date: Tuesday 24th November 2020
Time: 2pm AWST/5pm AEDT
Location: Zoom webinar and social

Come along and share your experiences or maybe get some ideas for a future start up project.

Members and guests can register via Zoom

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