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Meet the Member – Brett O’Hara


This month’s Meet the Member segment features our wonderful Deputy Chair, Brett O’Hara, who is employed as a Senior Network Engineer at Vocus in the Platform Engineering Group.  Brett joined IAA in 2019 after attending IAA events as a guest of a Corporate member to meet and network with people in the industry.  

Brett’s interest in the Internet industry was an extension of his early hobby: messing around with modems and other network gear. Working out how to exchange international email via UUCP locally rather than expensive international calls was a real thrill – he was lucky enough for this to then become a career! 

Throughout his career, Brett has achieved many things. From starting out in a dial-up ISP in the 90s that quickly evolved from PSTN to ISDN to Frame Relay, ATM and ever upwards. Moving from kilobits to megabits and then gigabits in just a few years. These days working at Vocus, he evaluates, selects and deploys new network platforms into their network, as well as manages new features and lifecycles on existing platforms to help Vocus stay on top of new and developing technologies.  


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