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REMINDER: Prepare Asset Information Under New Obligations


Under a new carrier licence condition and determination for eligible CSPs, telcos must provide the CISC with operational information in relation to their telecommunications assets, so it can be included in a register by 7 October 2022. Where an entity other than a carrier or eligible CSP holds a direct interest of at least 10% or a controlling stake in an asset, information about the interest and control in the asset must also be reported.

An ‘asset’ is defined to be a tangible asset owned or operated by a carrier/eligible carriage service provider and is used to supply a carriage service. It does not refer to equipment on customers’ premises. According to industry de-briefs, an asset can be thought of by way of an analogy – the entire car as opposed to the individual components that make up the motor vehicle.

Please visit the CISC website for further information.


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