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IAA to Implement RPKI


Those of you who attended the Life under Lockdown session will have seen the following timetable for IAA’s implementation of RPKI:

Milestone When
Metrics and reporting to members Now
RS1 Upgrades 17th – 18th August, 2020
RS2 Upgrades 24th – 25th August, 2020
Route Server Automation (including AS – SET updates 1st September, 2020
Drop invalid routes 1st September, 2020

We are keen to meet these dates and hope you will all see the benefits of a cleaner routing table. Check out Nick Pratley’s presentation from the event which includes a listing of the routes we will drop, or use to see what routes are being advertised.

Please let us know if you want more information or need further assistance with the routes we have flagged as invalid.  Email


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