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IX Australia continues to grow


A lot has happened over the last couple of weeks and as a result we haven’t had any time to post on our blog.

QLD-IX has a new pop out at the Host Networks DC in Eight Mile Plains. If you are interested in peering with us at this location be sure to contact

We have also launched ACT-IX, the idea behind ACT-IX is to merge the current 2 peering points together (ACTIX and TransACTIX). ACT-IX will be made available to all current members that already peer on one of the IX Australia peering points.

Last but not least we have launched Auckland Internet Exchange (AKL-IX). Our first pop which is located at The Data Centre ( is now live and we are accepting connections. AKL-IX will be in trial mode for the next 6 months, this means we invite everyone who can peer, to peer. We will not be charging during this time. We are also in the process of looking at other sites, these include the Vocus DC in Albany and Sky Tower. AKL-IX is now LIVE so please contact us to get connected.


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