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IAA Member Portal Automation is now live!


The IAA Team has been working hard to bring network automation to Members so you can set up and change services on the IX Australia network directly from your IAA Member Portal account. We have just gone live with a suite of new features that will enable you to make changes to your services more quickly and efficiently.

Our aim is to empower Members to manage the migration of services between ports, without having to wait for our engineers to action requests. It’s all about faster service provisioning!

Try it now!

Automated changes that Members can request via the Portal include: 

•    New port services
•    Conversion of port services to LACP bundles
•    Adding ports to port services that are LACP bundles
•    Cancelling port services

•    New peering services
•    Changing VLAN ID of peering services
•    Changing MAC address of peering services
•    Migrating peering services between ports (same IX)
•    Cancelling peering services

Extended Reach Peering (ERP)
•    New ERP services
•    Changing VLAN ID of ERP services
•    Changing MAC address of ERP services
•    Migrating ERP services between ports (same IX)
•    Changing speed of ERP services
•    Cancelling ERP services

•    New VLL services
•    Changing VLAN ID of VLL services
•    Changing MAC address of VLL services (where MAC addresses are required)
•    Changing speed of VLL services
•    Migrating VLL services between ports
•    Cancelling VLL services

To see what’s available and how easy it is to use, head over to the IAA Member Portal Dashboard and look for the new options in the action menu on the service detail pages. Of course, we’ve also provided handy support documentation which you’ll find via the User Guide link under ‘Support’ in the Portal’s main navigation panel.

It’s important to note that in the initial stages, though it may appear as though your requests are automated, our engineers will be shadowing your every request to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Change requests that require network configuration to be deployed will be approved and provisioned manually during the initial launch phase. This will mean that orders will only be processed during business hours. Once engineers are satisfied that the automatically generated network configurations are consistent, the protocols will be adjusted to push configuration changes to fully automated.

We are proud to bring you these innovations for the convenience of Members. We look forward to delivering more improvements soon.

Check out the IAA Member Portal now!


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